RFD System

Proven cost-effective RFD Pole Reinstatement SystemTM beats pole replacement

With over 415,000 installations, our RFD Pole Reinstatement SystemTM is a proven time-saving, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to pole replacement. It returns damaged and decaying poles to optimum strength and can extend pole life for up to 20 years.

Designed to be easily installed, even in the most challenging terrains, the RFD system uses bolts, ferrules and back washers to remove the need for sound wood at or below ground line. There is no need to de-energise the line during the installation process and linesmen can safely climb the pole immediately after reinstatement.  Additionally, we use a tip load calculator to match the exact load on the pole to minimise costs associated with reinstating the pole.

Leading utility and telecommunication companies have been implementing the RFD system for over 30 years, with over 415,000 installations. Recently we designed and successfully reinstated the 23 metre poles from a steel tower line. The RFD system is a proven performer in terms of safety and cost efficiency.

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