BRFD Band-Plate System

Continuous innovative pole reinforcement solutions provide choice between fixed or non-invasive attachment

The BRFD Pole Reinstatement System has been specifically designed to provide full structural reinforcement to decayed poles, via the non-invasive BRFDTM Band-Plate process, allowing safe and cost effective reinstatement of damaged or substandard poles resulting from complete ground line deterioration.

The BRFD Pole Reinstatement System:

  • Provides non-invasive attachment between the Nail and the pole
  • Offers full structural support for defective poles with no wood present at or below ground
  • Extends pole durability for at least 20 years
  • Is comprehensively tested to industry standards
  • Contains no sharp edges
  • Allows for correct pre-tensioning
  • Eliminates requirements to attach the Nail to the pole through the use of bolts or screws.

Fully Tested

The BRFD Pole Reinstatement System is based on sound engineering design calculations and has been thoroughly tested to industry standards by an independent engineering company.

Testing has been carried out on its weakest orientation of 90 degrees, to determine the maximum capacity of the Nails.  This allows the BRFD products to be installed in any direction when reinstating poles.

The BRFD system has undergone the following tests:

  • Horizontal Cyclic Load Test (serviceability)
  • Horizontal Destructive Test (ultimate load)
  • BRFDTM Band-Plate Fatigue Test
  • Vertical Serviceability Test
  • Vertical Destructive Test (ultimate load)
  • Temperature variation effect on BRFDTM Band-Plating
  • Bushfire effect on BRFDTM Band-Plating


BRFD Installation

The BRFD Nail can easily be installed in either a Single or a Double Nail configuration and using the same equipment as the RFD Nail.  Once the Nail has been installed to the correct depth, the Band-Plate is bent to the profile of the pole, M16 bolts are installed and the head of the bolt is slipped into specially designed slots in the bracket and tightened to the correct tension using a torque wrench.

Special “split” Band-Plates are available to facilitate easy installation behind pole furniture such as cables, switch handles or telecommunication assets.


Maximum Strength Minimum Cost

Used throughout the world by leading utilities and telecommunications industries, UAM’s Pole Reinstatement systems have passed the most stringent tests, and with over 415,000 installations, they are proven performers in safety, effectiveness and cost efficiencies.

Made from the highest quality galvanised steel, the BRFDTM Pole Reinstatement System extends the life of damaged or substandard poles caused by accidental or ground-line deterioration by at least 20 years. This unique system offers a selection of products that cater for specific pole loads. Additionally, we use a tip load calculator to match the exact load on the pole to minimise costs associated with reinstating the pole.

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