About Skilltech

Skilltech is one of Australia’s largest providers of meter installations, and energy and water efficiency services.

We read, install and maintain these services for the government, utilities and corporations throughout the country.

Managing projects of all sizes, and with more than two decades of service, the Skilltech brand has grown with a mass meter installation of over 880,000 Smart meters across Victoria.

In the last ten years, we have installed nearly 30,000 water-saving showerheads in Australian homes.

The quality of Skilltech’s service delivery is unparalleled. Supported by a hard-working team of electricians, plumbers, meter technicians, field workers, and many more, Skilltech continues to manage more than 53 million meter reads and 150,000 meter installations and replacements each year.

At Skilltech, we conduct our business with meticulous consistency, creating enduring partnerships with our customers, delivering customised energy and water efficiency service solutions.