The Utility Asset Services Group (UASG) is committed to health, safety and the environment; they are our highest priority and critical to our success.

The health and safety of our people, customers and the public are a core value and mission. Compliance with work health and safety legislation, whilst essential, is only one element of our overall safety strategy and system. We have developed a culture where safety is top of mind and foremost in everyday activities; where safe work is recognised and rewarded; continuous improvement the norm; and zero harm the objective.

Our excellent safety record demonstrates the success of our integrated safety system, but we are not complacent. We continue to take a zero compromise approach to safety.

Our approach to safety means:

  • we put safety at the forefront of operations and decision-making;
  • our safety system mandates continuous management of hazards;
  • we manage risk proactively;
  • we keep up-to-date knowledge of work health and safety legislation, standards and work practices;
  • our workers have productive but safety focused work activities;
  • safety is the responsibility of everyone;
  • we measure success by our safety record, reporting both lagging and leading indicators;
  • we benchmark our safety performance against the industry; and,
  • achieve minimal lost time injuries.